STB was created by fellow fishing enthusiast, Thierry Christopher in 1997. The company, S.T.B. (Société Technique de Bobinage – Technical Winding Corporation), is a French company that specializes in fishing equipment and offers you products specifically selected by the best experts. In order to better serve your needs, STB put all of its energy into its performance, reliability, and excellent product quality/price. Our rich set of products meets the needs and expectations of both sport and leisure fishing.


Renowned Expertise

Made in France

Since 2008, under the brand JIGPOWER, STB Powerline has been making and distributing 100% French-made flexible baits and lead head jigs for ever fishing fanatic.

Every step in production is rigorously carried out in France which give our products its high quality value. From the developmental stage to when the product is sold, our company closely monitors this process and offers its customers a clear view of the production and design of our products.

Today, the French-made products by STB POWERLINE guarantee you exceptional quality in an environmental and social respect.


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Fluoro Carbon

It’s been more than 20 years since POWERLINE became the first business to introduce Fluoro Carbon to the French market and revolutionize the world of fishing. This product is entirely made in Japan. It’s a “must have” for every fisherman, because it can be used in all types of fishing. Without having to remember and its waterproof features, Fluoro Carbon is a key element in different fixtures. Powerline offers you super hard Fluoro Carbon as well as soft Fluoro Carbon made for bait fishing.


Innovation and quality

Our only objective is to provide technical and avant-garde products in order for us to constantly evolve and to respond to the newest techniques and meet the needs fishermen everywhere. Our team of the finest experts works hard with this in mind and focus mainly on innovating our products.

Offering high quality products is one of our main priorities. So, we pay close attention to each step in the manufacturing process, from the extrusion of the first material up to the final test for quality control. Also, in 2010, we, of course, signed the Eftta Charter by which we’ve committed to following the marking in terms of resistance and wire diameter on all of our labeling.

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Experts and fishing enthusiasts who share the same values in creating an ideal environment and helping other discover that same passion should follow us. There’s no age limit or physical limitations fishing. If you want to share that same passion for fishing with us, please join our community!


Powerline Customer Service

Our team will always be there to listen, understand and respond to your questions and needs. We are very close to our clients and partners and have great consideration for each of them. We respond very quickly and promise a very short wait time thanks to a carefully tracked stock. Special and customized products are also within our capability.

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