Fil de pêche nylon Powerline


Nylon wire: The essential classic

Powerline offers a very large variety of nylon wires. The technical features of the steel wire make it perfect for high tension and impact, being that it’s flexible, easily assembled, and resistance. Its excellent quality/price undeniably makes it appealing, and it is made in the shape of fiber bands. Some are made from 100% Japanese-made fluoro carbon, and others are made in the color of black, khaki, violet…

Thanks to the variety of steel offered, this product is suitable for all types of fishing: sport or recreational, feeder, TOC fishing, big game, pole fishing, tail jigging…

And more specifically, for different types of fish: carp, pike perch, pickerel, sea bream, trout, bass, mackerel, sargo, egging, bait…

The French team has chosen the Powerline IGFA model, which is a nylon wire studied for sport fishing (the World Champion).

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