Yann Galerne

Team Powerline since 2011

I’m 39 years old and live in Gien in the Loiret region (45).

From a young age, I’ve been an outdoors man and fascinated by fishing carnivorous fish in the Loire, and I still remember the emotions that I felt when I caught my very first catfish … for me that was a sign! It was THE fish to catch!

For a few years now, I’ve been travelling along the largest rivers in France in search for the biggest fish, so I’m improving my fishing skill with every encounter I have. Watch a video.

Flexible baits (Swimball), hard baits (Cranck bait) and vertical fishing (fire glane, vertical glane, wielded, live …) are my preferred methods.

I’m lucky to live on the banks of the Loire, which allows me to have “light/short” outings.

I use techniques for very thin fish, such as asp, chub, pike-perch, pike, and perch all which are everywhere.

For a few years now, I’ve participated in research and development for STB Powerline products which are known for its high-end braids (Abyss, Power Shot, etc. …). These braids are essential for all types of fishers.

Today, I’m enjoying the pleasures of sea fishing with a specific preference for bass … which continuously gives me new thrills …

But as I do with my own daughter, Camille, who is 6 years old, I say, “let’s take care of our catches by letting them go …”