Bastien Cébé alias Fish & Love

Team Powerline since 2017

J’habite dans le Sud de la France (34), j’y suis moniteur Guide de pêche diplômé d’état Moniteur pour Fish and Love

I live in the South of France (age 34) where I’m a state-qualified fishing guide. Instructor for Fish and Love.

For 20 years, I have been passionate about fishing baits, and I am constantly looking for the latest methods and techniques in order to improve my fishing technique.

Specialities: carnivorous fish and salmonid baits, Silurus (catfish)

I chose to be a part of the Powerline team, because I was able to find all that I was looking for with them … such as innovation, “Made in France” expertise, and, of course, products with renowned efficiency …

Being an undying fan of BJ Shad and Swimball, I always use these in all of my fishing. I’m also very fond of Yogospin products in regards to my summer fishing.

You’ll come to see that I have more than one trick up my sleeve, whether in freshwater or saltwater, anything concerning bait interests me!